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I'm taking a web programming class...html, css, javascript, php, etc. The final was due yesterday: "Make a simple online store." You can read the full assignment here:

So here is my finished final project (that I uploaded yesterday morning):

Nothing mindblowing, but effective in demonstrating that I can use all the languages required. Here's the problem...since our ftp directories are public, three students have downloaded my index.html and/or shop.php file and blatantly copied my css, javascript and/or php functions.
(go to the shop page)

If you view THEIR page source and compare it to MY page source you can see how stupid they must think our professor is. The Javascript is identical, and while YOU can't see the PHP script since it's server-side...I've looked (via FTP) and found that it is identical as well. There's even an extra variable ("s") in everyone's javascript that they have no clue about. I started using that variable for a function, then scrapped the function but forgot to remove it from my variable list. So everyone has unwittingly copied my dangling variable.

The third unmentioned student is actually the first student who ganked my shit. This morning he completely uploaded all of my files into his directory and didn't even bother changing anything for a while. I e-mailed the prof, and for whatever reason the student took it down and now has a basic php form up. The prof e-mailed me back, and that's when I looked again and found the other smurfers who can't even code enough to veil plagiarism.


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