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I've gotten back into gaming lately over the ThanksGibleting break. I finished Quake 4 after starting it close to a year ago and pretty much abandoning it. The game was very average and I'm not even really sure how I destroyed the nexus-brain-thinger at the end with just one shot, especially after watching this.

Now I'm several chapters into Heroes of Might and Magic: Dark Messiah. Dark Messiah is quite a bit more compelling than the non-plot of the aforementioned. I'd describe it best as Oblivion on rails... As in, your path and quests are all determined by the linear plot. But this game was super-cheap and the playability and graphics (Half-Life 2 engine) are excellent...and sometimes the linear play is a nice break from the epic vastness such as that of Cyrodil, which can require note-taking, home-cartography, and a lengthy memory if you step away from it for any amount of time. I have two expansions for Oblivion that I haven't touched, but I've been away from it for so long (2 years?) that it seems a bit daunting to take it back to task.

My box is getting dated though and a lot of newer games won't support my graphics card's (ATI x800xt agp) DX limitations. Has anyone put together a system lately and would like to share their ingredients, costs, etc?

Another real-estate company wants me to set up a website for them to manage, and I may have to take it to fund a system upgrade. I've expressed my disinterest due to my workload with classes, work, family, etc...and the fact that they want to maintain it themselves and thus will want to use me as their help-desk ad infinitum. It's hard to turn down easy money, I just don't want to commit the time.


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