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Greetings from Ravenholm.

Many banquet halls separated a sea of table-top gamers. I always misspell separated as seperated, and I rarely misspell without a typo.


My friend Charasan.

Felicia Day.

Felicia and that other girl from The Guild.

TF2 Scout.

Cobra Comander.

Larry Elmore. Poorly focused.

Cosplay. Yu-Gi-Oh or something.

Fantastic artists were present.

Focusing was an issue. My camera hates auditorium lights.

Mr. R.A. Salvatore. He had this look on his face a lot.

Billy Tackett's booth.

Shane Moore (author The Abyss Walker series). Very cool guy.

Billy Tackett (cover-artist of The Abyss Walker series) signing for me.

The Simpsons' ComicBookGuy worked at the Troma Films booth.


Assassin's Creed.


A couple of obscure companies called Dunjuns and Dragins and Magic Tricks or something. I didn't see any magic tricks.

Bite me. Vampire: The Masquerade lounge.

World of Warcraft tabletop gaming lessons.


Margaret Weis. She signed my Dragonlance Trilogy.

Ed Greenwood, well-metting my book.

And some other person's book.

That guy again.


I want these people at my Halloween party. Other than the obvious condensation of talent, I love conventions like this because of the display of imagination that Halloween similarly invokes.

I mistook this Time Lord for Ming the Merciless. Whoops. He was nice about it though.

Charasan took a photo of me at lunch. There is an ugly-ass painting behind me and my flattering pose gave me three chins. M-O-O-N...that spells time for a diet.

I carried around about 60lbs. of schwag from the convention, including a Star Wars Definitive Edition Laser Disc Box Set I picked up for $10.00 in perfect condition, Ed Greenwood's Elminster Must Die, Weis's Dragonlance Trilogy, Moore's first two Abyss Walker books, and a Cthulu sticker.

I hope the attendees of the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando share their photos for the geeks that can't attend. I feel fortunate to have the few events like this that hit the midwest relatively close.
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