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I eagerly awaited nabbing The Wolfman on DVD from the Redbox since I didn't have a chance to catch it in the theater and I knew it would be great. Bran had it for me when I got home from work yesterday, so I watched it last night before going to sleep. Overall, my favorite parts of the film were the scenes where Anthony Hopkins suddenly changed accents and when they finally explained why Del Toro had a far from perfect mumbling American dialect among a sea of Brits. Smart-assedery aside, I liked some things about the film, but its by-the-numbers-approach and predictability supported by the lackluster performances (phone-in much, Anthony?) and poor character development left it sprawling along for too long. The love interest, Gwen, played by Emily "who the fuck are you and why are you standing around in this movie?" Blunt is a suitable mannequin for our protagonist to vent his affections, but the writers didn't appear to give two shits about developing her character. Everyone but Hugo Weaving looked fucking sedated. I kept turning my home theater system louder and louder to hear what the fuck they were mumbling about, and then Danny Elfman tossed me out of my bed with a violin shrill.

Being a soundtrack nerd, horror + Elfman = something I'd buy to listen to while reading. I was listening to clips from it on Amazon and read in a review that there was an editing debacle involving the soundtrack, but I thought that the music and the gothic atmosphere of England (especially the dark moor) salvaged The Wolfman from being completely disposable...the setting is something they really nailed. I'm a huge fan of the original Universal monster films, and I hope that any subsequent attempts (The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein, I'm looking at you.) are much better. And keep Rick Baker involved...the guy is a monster genius and his make-up outclasses any CGI employed in the film, like that awful bear.

Next up...The Crazies.

Oddly, I've had two different people bring up the topic of liver and onions today. Oddly, I'm now hungry for liver and onions.
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