Apr. 2nd, 2010

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I bought a high-flow intake for my bike to help it not to run lean and be such a cold natured hooker. The additional air means more fuel is necessary and the result is bonus horsepower. I need a bigger carburetor jet to provide that extra fuel, and no one has one in stock. My carburetor is in pieces and I have no horsepower whatsoever.

This is likely a good thing, since I may as well admit that I have a "lead foot". I was rewarded another speeding ticket (in my car this time) a couple of weeks ago. It's a really bad idea to get another one, so my cruise control is set at 58mph from now on. I like to drive, but driving the speed-limit (55mph) sucks unless of course one enjoys being tailgated and passed constantly.

"okay...what you need to do is turn the idle-mixture screw out two turns. Then take the slide diaphragm out and cut one and half turns off the spring. Then you get an electrical ring-terminal and cut off the part where the wire connects. Use that to shim a needle from a 1988 Sportster. ...And you have a hot-rod carb kit that you'd buy from Harley for $50." - Mark Miller, my favorite new bike mechanic.


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