Jan. 15th, 2010

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At 11:30 we had a meeting discussing layoffs due to our state's 6-million dollar higher education budget cut and were informed that six positions in the Office of Information Technology would be eliminated. About fifteen minutes after the meeting, the human resources department called me, asked if the Chief Information Officer had spoken to me about my job, and informed me that I would need to stop in next week and sign the form. I swear I almost dropped the phone.


"No one has told you?"


"Well I guess I'll give you the news first. You're being promoted to a System Administration position starting February 1st. Your pay will increase to $X,XXX,XXX.XX (a 33% raise! ...though I added a couple of extra X's.)"

"Oh. ...Well I'll be...damned."

That was handled well. And I can't tell anyone here until Monday! After almost fourteen(!!!) years, February 1st will be my last day working in the Data Center. This is a rather odd turn of events. I was informed by the Associate Director that if I wasn't promoted then one of my co-workers would be laid off. Instead of laying them off, they are counting my vacant position as a lay-off, so I'm really glad for him.

(1:45:34 PM) charasan: I didn't say you could lose your job. I forbid it!
(1:47:49 PM) Matt: i can has raise, nigga.
(1:48:03 PM) charasan: TWO of them!
(1:48:19 PM) Matt: don't be countin' kids
(1:48:23 PM) Matt: nigga don't raise no kids
(1:48:36 PM) Matt: ..nigga.
(1:52:46 PM) charasan: Gaawd...boss keeps telling us how he's paying us today, then goes off on a 2+ hour lunch...
(1:53:03 PM) charasan: Meantime, I have nothing, no cigs or food, sitting here typing and tummy growling.
(1:53:18 PM) charasan: ...but damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.
(1:54:30 PM) Matt: gangsta as in a hutt's bastard child?
(1:54:54 PM) charasan: As in "issa bust a foot off in yo ass"
(1:55:09 PM) Matt: hutt don't have foots
(1:55:14 PM) Matt: they have tails
(1:55:42 PM) charasan: Internet Explorer is causing me to age prematurely...
(1:55:50 PM) Matt: it's the cigarettes
(1:55:57 PM) Matt: and mt. dew
(1:56:04 PM) charasan: No, it's IE
(1:56:12 PM) Matt: and the cigarettes
(1:56:14 PM) Matt: mostly the cigarettes
(1:56:22 PM) charasan: It's 99% IE
(1:56:54 PM) Matt: and -99% your exercise program
(1:57:02 PM) Matt: and then 100% the cigarettes
(1:57:08 PM) charasan: Bustin' foots off is hard work.
(1:57:25 PM) Matt: can you raise your foots higher than your knee?
(1:57:26 PM) charasan: I have a physically demanding job.
(1:57:33 PM) Matt: (without sitting)
(1:57:33 PM) charasan: You're about to find out.


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